Questions about Prescription Orders

Yes, Its simple, you may send your glasses to us and we will do your prescription lens. To start this process please click here to fill out the online form with your information and generate an order number. The system will take you step by step to walk you through the entire process.
We offer a wide variety of designer sunglasses and eyeglasses that you can purchase from us. You will have an option to 'Add Lens to Frame' where you will be able to customize the lens by choosing the different Lens Types, Lense Materials and Lens Coatings. Then you wil be asked to either fax us or email us your prescription. Once you add your lens to your frame our easy to use system will take you step by step to walk you through the entire process. In just about 7-10 days your item will be shipped from our lab direct to you.
If you can't read your prescription, or you simply dont want to type it into the online order form, simply scan and email it to EyeglassesDepot Sales Team or fax it to (818) 698-7001 , once you complete checkout. Just remember to put the order # in the email if you are emailing it to us or write down your order number on top of the prescription if faxing. Click here to view pictures of how some of the welding is performed.
Yes, most sunglasses are RxAble. Which means we can install your prescription into most of our brands we carry. has a great selection of shades ready for your prescription.
We offer a large selection of lens types available for you to have installed into your prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses. We offer Standard Magnification Drug Store Lenses, Distance/Reading/Single Vision Prescription Lenses , Bifocal Lenses as well as Progressive Lenses which are also known as No Line Bifocal Lenses.
There is a very large market of companies out there that offer various brands of lenses and very specific coatings for your prescription. Rest assure we are not different. While we do not list the dozens of different permutations of materials,brands and coatings not to confuse the average shopper, we can special order anything. If there is a specific brand of lenses you like or a specific type of coatings you want and your doctor gave you an expensive price, feel free to ask us to price match it. We are able to order any material, any brand and any coating for a much better discounted price than your retail optical store.
If you dont have your prescription on hand its not the end of the world. There are other solutions to this problem that we can assist you with. We can simply call your eye doctor on your behalf and have them fax your copy of your prescription directly to us. It is against the law for your doctor not to give you a copy of your prescription. Your prescription is yours to keep by law. Alternatively , if you have an old pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses that you see perfectly from, you can send them to us and we can take the prescription numbers from your very own frame. We have a digital lenseometer on hand that will accurately give us the exact numbers from the lenses. If you send us your frame, please remmeber to always include your order number.
Do not allow your doctor to deny your right to have a copy of your prescription. The prescription is yours to keep. Your doctor is breaking the law. The FTC enforces these three Release Rules, and doctors who violate, are subject to a civil penalty of $10,000.
Bifocals and Progressive Lenses work exactly the same the difference is in the visual appearance. Bifocals usually have a distinct line enhancing the reading portion of the lens prescription and looks like an upside down half moon in the bottom portion of the lens. Progressive lenses also known as called "invisible bifocals" or "no line bifocals" also allow you to see in the distance through the top of the lens and do your reading in the bottom portion of the lens.
The Pupillary Distance is the length from the center of left pupil (which is the black circle in the middle of your eye) the center of the right pupil in the other eye. This accurately measures the center the lenses in the glasses that you have purchased. Click here to read about measuring your Pupilary Distance.
Online retailers do not accept health insurance for eyeglass lenses. Simply send your insurance company a copy of our invoice and they will reimburse you for the cost of your prescription as well as the cost of your purchase. Check with your insurance company on the total reimbursement amount. Many insurance companies also have us do the work and provide to them your invoice. We can certainly do this for you without a problem. We will be happy to assist you in any way that we can so that you get your full reimbursement.
All orders for prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses and custom lense replacements are considered a be a special order. These orders do not follow the standard 72 hours processing time. Prescription orders could take up to seven business days to ship. Once the prescription work is complete you will receive a tracking number so you can track your shipment online.
All prescription lenses are guaranteed to be manufactured according to the prescription that the customer either enters online or sends to us via fax or email. All eyeglasses are inspected during the manufacturing process for accuracy of the prescription and cosmetic appearance. Unfortunately since the lens is made custom for the client, you may NOT return any frame with prescription lenses for a refund. If the prescription does not conform to the original prescription written by the doctor, we will gladly redo the lens once its confirmed by a 3rd party by the customer that the RX is in fact wrong. You have 7 days to notify us of a problem with the lenses and you have 14 days to send them back for a redo if there is a problem. There are no refunds on prescription orders.
We understand its hard to shop online for prescription glasses. You may have not tried it on and didnt realize you dont like the fit or style. While we do not accept returns on the lens portion, we will gladly find a unique way to resolve your issue on a case by case basis. A solution can be as easy us doing your prescription in an alternate frame style and charging you a discounted price on the lens. We will then accept back the original frame under the standard returns policy on non prescription eyewear. In order to have this unique situation resolved please call one of our friendly customer service representatives.
Once you place an order for prescription eyewear many events are triggered. The eyewear you ordered is ordered from our supplier. The lenses that you ordered are ordered from the lab. The lab has started to cut the lenses. Due to the uncertainty of the progression of completion, Prescription orders may not be cancelled, under any circumstances.

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