Information you need to know about Prescription Sunglasses

About Sunglasses that have a Prescription in them

Ordering prescription sunglasses is simple and easy. It's the same as ordering a standard pair of eyeglasses. When you are on viewing the sunglasses that you like, there will be a button called "Add Lens to Frame". Once you click on that button, the system will take you through the neccessary steps to select the lens material, lens type and finally the lens coatings. Most sunglasses can be made into prescription sunglasses. Once an item is listed on the site, its evaluated by one of our skilled salespeople to determine if a prescription can be done into them. If so they active the button that you can use to add lens to frame. If you dont see the button activated, simply ask us to activate it and verify if the item can have a prescription.

Tint and Transitions

When choosing your lens coatings, you need to remmeber that we are creating for you a custom lens. The custom lense comes clear from the factory and you must add the coating of your choice. There are 6 coatings that we offer you to add to your lenses. You can choose a brown or gray solid tint or a brown or gray gradient tint. (this is where the tint is lighter at the bottom and darker at the top), or a Transitions lens, which is a lens that is clear indoors and then gets dark when you step into the sunlight.